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Yes – we most certainly are! Our bread and butter is Tennis Holidays and Tennis Clinics and this is something we are certainly focused on. However we now have a team of talented, creative people who we want to provide access to for anyone within the Tennis world!

We truly believe that Tennis needs to market itself better. What we’ve learned through growing Active Away is that marketing really does make a difference.

Please visit our Starter Pack sign up page here for all of the information.

Just visit this page to view all the information on our monthly socials.

Yes! We can work with any email builder, and can even recommend which would work best for you.

You do! The original files will be added to your Dropbox folder and they are yours to use as you wish.

Where is my facebook header, instagram icons and everything else? – At this stage, we’ve just created your logo and colour scheme. Once you are happy, we will then progress to the next stage which is creating your finalised designs.

Can I make changes? – Yes! At this stage, you can feedback directly to your designer.

How do I approve my branding? – You must click the link in the email so we have a record of your approval.

We don’t unfortunately. However we can recommend VistaPrint. They offer reasonable pricing, and most merchandise can be created from the logo files we will provide.

Starter Packs – We offer a strict no refund policy on our Starter Packs. This is because we start work immediately after sign up.

Monthly Packs – We don’t offer a refund for any monthly pack you’ve paid for. Any cancellation would be for a future pack.

We are sorry to see you go! You can cancel a monthly pack at any time.

  • Log In to your PayPal account.
  • Navigate to the automatic payments section.
  • Press cancel.

If you have any problems cancelling, you can Contact Us.

Starter Pack – For any changes, please inform us once you are at the ‘Draft Approval’ stage. Once you approve your drafts – changes are not allowed.

Monthly Packs – We allow minor changes – such as text or placement. We do not allow major changes – such as a whole new post or email.

No! Please just choose the ‘pay without an account option’ on the payment page.

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