Monthly Emails.

Monthly Emails

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The Details.

Please check the details below.

Monthly Emails

Let us take care of your email marketing.



*+ 1 time setup fee of £50. We will set a template up to be approved.

Important Information

Please check through the below carefully.

1. Email Template – In your first month, you’ll be charged a 1 time set-up fee of £50. This will enable us to set up an email template for you within the builder. This will be confirmed by you before we proceed to the next stage. All emails will be created using this template. The template will typically be:
– Header
– Introduction Section
– 3x Information Sections
– Footer

2. Creative – Both emails will include ‘unique creative.’ This will include a unique header that our team will create and imagery within the email. 

3. Copy – We will create the written copy for the email. This will be unique for each email and will fit within the created template.

4. Sending – All emails once complete will need to be sent or scheduled by yourself. This enables you to have the final say on what gets sent.

The Process.

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