George Cann.

George Cann.

Introducing George to Branding.

George's new branding.

We believe in every member of the Active Away team leaving better than they started. We hope George never leaves Active Away – but if he ever did, he would have a brand that he could step to the forefront of the coaching world with.

The project

A little about George Cann.

George chose the starter pack, monthly socials and monthly emails so he knew exactly how to market his services.

George Cann is a Level 4 LTA Coach and Active Away Host. You’ll be able to talk to George directly as he heads up the sales side of our Creative offering so can talk to you about the journey he has been on.

“I love coaching and didn’t place any importance on my brand. Now I understand the power of a brand – I can’t believe it was possible to thrive without placing a high degree of seriousness on my professional image.”

The finished article.

George’s brand in full view.

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